How to Self-Treat IT Band Pain with a Mini Plunger

Pain in the lateral (outside) leg or knee is commonly associated with a condition known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).  (Iliotibial Band Syndrome is also known as IT Band Syndrome, ITB Syndrome, or IT Band Friction Syndrome.)  Pain can range from the lateral side of the leg up toward the hip area to just below the lateral side of the knee joint (where the head of the fibula bone begins).  The pain can be very debilitating to the point that running or hiking activities have to be stopped.  Even walking can be difficult.

Although ITBS can be very painful, it can be easily self-treated if you handle your pain and symptoms quickly.  For many years, I have taught people how to use a mini plunger as a method to provide a suction force for self-treatment.  In this video, I demonstrate how to utilize a mini plunger as a “cupping” technique to self-treat IT Band Syndrome.

Cupping is a method or technique to massage and mobilize tissues such as muscles, skin, fascia, and tendons.  The exact treatment effect is unclear, but presently the research indicates that it helps to reset neural pain receptors and stretch receptors.  Thus, reducing pain and allowing for improved movement.

Cupping has been around as a treatment technique for thousands of years.  The research on cupping is interesting and for the most part, concludes that cupping is helpful in pain management.  There are some indications that the “suction” may lead to improved blood flow to an injured area which could speed up healing times.  Other health claims of the benefits of cupping haven’t been adequately proven in current research.

Traditionally, cupping has been performed with glass cups by using a flammable paper to quickly “burn” the oxygen in the cup which causes a suction force.  There are now many types of plastic or silicon cups that can easily be purchased online.  CupEDGE Massage Tools are what I use and recommend.  Fancy cups are not necessary.  The cups can be more convenient, but even a small sink plunger will do.

Have you tried cupping to treat ITBS?  If so, what was your experience like?  Additional discussion can help others to manage this condition more effectively.  Please leave your comments below.

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