How to Recover Quickly from a Quadriceps Strain


Marathon Training Academy

November 15, 2016

After straining your quadriceps, you remain at a higher risk of injury. In this guest post for Marathon Training Academy, you will learn which strategies to implement as you work through your rehabilitation and your return to activity.

Muscle injury. Man with sprain thigh muscles

A quadriceps strain, also known as a quad pull or thigh strain, is a relatively common running injury.

Strains can range from a mild discomfort to a full blown tear of most of the muscle which can result in severe pain and the inability to run or walk. The injury typically happens when one or more of the quadriceps muscles become overloaded.

In this pose you will discover the factors that increase your risk of straining your quadriceps, and learn specific strategies to implement during your rehabilitation and return to activity. Continue Reading