How to Use Shoulder Pulleys to Regain Shoulder Motion

In this video, I demonstrate how to utilize over-the-door shoulder pulleys.  Shoulder pulleys are an excellent way to use active assistive motion to regain motion in the shoulder post injury or surgery.  In this video, I explain the basics of how the shoulder pulley works.  They are frequently utilized early in the rehabilitation process to not only help regain motion, but to also promote blood flow which aids in the healing process.

Shoulder pulleys are commonly utilized after rotator cuff repair, sub acromial decompression surgery, collarbone fracture and/or surgery, total shoulder replacement/total shoulder arthroplasty, and frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).  I also instruct many of my clients to utilize shoulder pulleys for pain management as well as a prevention strategy for arthritis and loss of shoulder motion and function.

Have you used shoulder pulleys before? If so, what was your favorite way to utilize them?  Please leave your comments below.

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