How You can keep Moving with a Busy Schedule

While juggling to have a happy personal life and getting through the burdens of an office job, we forget to do one little thing: move enough during the day.  Technology has made everything simpler, which also means less moving and a more sedentary lifestyle.

We forget that in order to be active, we don’t necessarily have to run to the gym and sign for a membership.  There are other simpler ways that we can adopt in order to make sure we are getting enough movement during the day.  It could be from parking a little further away from your grocery story and walking to it to taking the stairs for one or two floors.  Such little changes have positive impacts in our lives in the long run.

In this guest post for The Diabetes Council, you will discover the different ways in which you can ensure that you are moving enough for the day.

Q.  I have a full day of work, running around on errands. What are the simple ways to make sure I am moving enough for the day?

A.  It’s easy to let the busyness of life keep us from taking the steps necessary to insure a long life span and health span.  The good news is that frequent short bouts of exercise can be effective for maintaining general health.  The key is to incorporate frequent movement into your daily routine.

Get up and move at least every two hours during the day.  One option is to perform ten sit to stand exercises every hour.  (Simply, move from sitting to standing for ten repetitions.)  Another option is to walk at least every two hours for a minute or two.  The faster the walk, the better!  If stairs are available, walk up and down.  Combining the sit to stand exercises with walking is an excellent and fast way to elevate your heart rate no matter where you are!  Try parking further out in the parking lot when you’re out running errands.  It will force you to walk further.

Finally, make time to connect with not only yourself, but loved ones, too.  Walking after meals has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels.  It’s also an excellent way to boost metabolism and connect with friends and family.  Frequent walking is the most important physical activity you can engage in.

Continue reading for more great responses from fitness experts about the ways in which you can ensure that you are moving enough for the day.