9 Tips to Self-Treat Hip Bursitis (Side of the Hip Pain)

Pain in the lateral (outside) of the hip or leg can be associated with a condition known as hip bursitis or trochanteric bursitis.  This condition is almost always a repetitive motion injury, but it could also be initially caused by direct trauma.  In the case of a runner, the condition is most likely a repetitive overuse injury.

As an overuse injury, hip bursitis is caused by repetitive friction over the greater trochanter of the hip bone (which ultimately leads to pain).  This excessive friction is almost always due to faulty biomechanics.  In this case, it’s faulty running mechanics.

The greater trochanter is a portion of the femur (leg bone) that is easily felt.  It’s the harder portion of the hip bone on the side of the hip.  A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that is around and near boney areas and tendons areas where there is the potential for the tendon to rub or have friction.  The job of the bursa sac is to reduce friction by providing cushion and a viscous synovial fluid for the tendon to slide through.  This sac and/or the associated tendon can become inflamed and painful.  Continue Reading