How to Avoid Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)

Marathon Training Academy

April 28, 2017

Don’t let an injury or Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) derail your running plans or affect your performance.  In this guest post for Marathon Training Academy, you will learn which strategies to implement as you self-treat and manage any potential injury safely and quickly.

Nothing can derail your best laid training plans and goals like an injury or suffering from Overtraining Syndrome (OTS).  OTS usually starts with muscle soreness and a feeling of fatigue.  Then it quickly progresses into a case of overtraining syndrome or injury.  Overtraining can occur when the intensity and/or volume of exercise becomes too much for the body to properly recover from.  Many common running injuries are directly associated with OTS.  It’s always best to prevent OTS rather than attempt to recover from it.  Continue Reading